Elizabeth Fiedler to Run for State Representative in the 184th District

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12th, 2017
Contact: Hannah Jeffrey hannah.h.jeffrey@gmail.com 804-519-5233

Philadelphia, PA — This afternoon at 4:30 in Dickinson Square Park, Elizabeth Fiedler, former community and political reporter for WHYY, announced her intent to run in 2018 for state representative in the 184th district. A resident of South Philadelphia, mother, civic group member and advocate for her local public school, this will be her first time running for office. As a Pennsylvania state representative Fiedler will put working families first. She plans to make universal healthcare and public school funding top priorities when she’s in Harrisburg.

As a journalist for WHYY, Fiedler has shared the stories of Pennsylvanians for over a decade. Fiedler said at her announcement, “This campaign is about putting people first, and getting the needs of working families and communities on the ballot and in the legislature.”

Lifelong Philadelphian Sara Reckahn, who introduced Fiedler, said, “Amidst the surge of community engagement that I’ve seen, Elizabeth Fiedler stands out as someone who will make a difference.”

Thoai Nyugen, a resident in South Philadelphia for 42 years, said, “I am throwing in my full support for Elizabeth Fiedler. Elizabeth’s beliefs and stances on Universal Health Care, Medicaid, Public Education and the need to level the playing field for working-class Philadelphians are beliefs I also hold dear. Elizabeth will bring much needed integrity in Harrisburg for her constituents in District 184.”

Local criminal justice and reproductive rights advocate Katy Otto, said, “Pennsylvania has one of the most abysmally low numbers of women in the state legislature. We need progressive women leading in this state. I know Elizabeth will stand up for locally controlled, fully funded public education.”

For constituents who have been impacted by the opioid epidemic, Fiedler offers hope. Andrew Fagan, a father and South Philadelphia resident whose partner Jessica died from a heroin overdose in February 2017, shared his story: “We need a representative who will constructively address this crisis and the flaws in our healthcare system. Someone who understands its impact not just on those suffering addiction, but also their families, and first responders, as well. Elizabeth will do this for us in Harrisburg.”

Estelle Joyet, a South Philadelphia resident and librarian spoke about Fiedler taking a personal stand for refugees, “I’m supporting Elizabeth Fiedler because she has been a champion for families in South Philly, even as a private citizen. She and her family opened their home to a refugee family this past year.”

“As a parent committed to raising my family in Philadelphia, I believe Elizabeth will advocate for our community in Harrisburg.” Christopher Dascher, father, mail carrier, lifelong Philadelphian.

Andrew Stober, a South Philadelphia parent and local advocate said, “As a reporter covering state and local government, Elizabeth was relentless in holding me and other public officials accountable.”

The campaign website went live today:


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This press conference is being hosted by Friends of Elizabeth Fiedler