My office will make excellent constituent services a top priority. I will be available and transparent, responding to issues in the neighborhood as well as holding office hours in the evenings and on weekends and bi-monthly town hall meetings. I see legislation, public programs, and constituent services as ways to push for a South Philly where we all thrive. My work in the district and work in Harrisburg will be deeply connected, and I think there are exciting ways to expand the traditional meaning of “constituent services.” For example, to make it easier to get healthcare in the short-term, we will host community enrollment sessions for Medicare/Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Together, in regular town halls or assemblies, we’ll explore the use of participatory budgeting and other ways to give residents a direct say in how public money is spent. I will make excellent and creative constituent services a cornerstone of my representation in the 184th!

Demographics, from Census Data:
Black – 8%
Hispanic – 12%
Asian – 18%
White – 60%

Median Household Income – $43,000
Average US Median Household Income – $59,000

Children Enrolled in CHIP in Philadelphia County – 24,430
Children Enrolled in CHIP in Pennsylvania – 180,162

People Enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid in Pennsylvania – 384,000


Source: Committee of Seventy, Copyright © 2014 Committee of Seventy