Fiedler Endorsed by PennEnvironment and the Pennsylvania Sierra Club

Elizabeth is honored to accept the endorsements of PennEnvironment
and Pennsylvania Sierra Club, two organizations that are dedicated to protecting our
environment and our health.

Elizabeth has received these endorsements because the Pennsylvania Sierra Club and
PennEnvironment know she believes that every single one of us has the right to clean air, clean
water, and renewable energy. She believes we have a moral duty to act on climate change and
to get serious about the transformation of our energy, agricultural, transportation, and industrial
systems. Unfortunately, many of our politicians are bought and paid for by the fossil fuel
industry, which takes and takes from our state and leaves behind only polluted water and

In calling their endorsed candidates “environmental champions,” PennEnvironment Executive
Director David Masur said, “PennEnvironment’s endorsements will help voters know which
candidates will lead the transition to 100% renewable energy, work to solve climate change,
stand up to the frackers and their lobbyists, and protect Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.”

On behalf of South Philadelphia, Elizabeth Fiedler will work to dramatically increase state
renewable energy standards, including doing what’s necessary to update our electric grid, and
supporting democratically and publicly-owned projects, like community-owned solar. Elizabeth is
committed to making Pennsylvania a national leader by making major investments in wind and
solar and creating a huge numbers of high-quality family-sustaining jobs.

The support from PennEnvironment and Pennsylvania Sierra Club joins an impressive list of
endorsements from the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, American Federation of Teachers,
AFSCME DC33, AFSCME DC47, NUHHCE 1199C, Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses
and Allied Professionals, Pennsylvania Working Families Party, UNITE HERE!, Teamsters
Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, National Organization for Women, Emily’s List,
Representative Brian Sims, Representative Donna Bullock, Philly Set Go, Equality
Pennsylvania, Reclaim Philadelphia, Our Revolution, Liberty City Democratic Club, DSA, Food
& Water Action, Grassroots Advocacy for South Philadelphia, 215 People’s Alliance and
Neighborhood Networks.