LTE: Fair Workweek legislation deserves support

Bucks County Courier Times

In the past, when you pulled up to a fast food window, you would likely have given your order to a young man or young woman. But today, a majority of low wage workers in Pennsylvania are often adults, clustered in industries such as food, retail and hospitality services. Many of them are supporting young children and taking care of aging parents or family members.

In addition to working for a minimum wage that is below the poverty line, these workers also struggle with unfair work schedules. These schedules are unpredictable, unstable and often provide insufficient work hours.

Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-184th District, is introducing Fair Workweek legislation in Harrisburg to help these Pennsylvanians. Similar to legislation that was passed in Philadelphia, it would require large hospitality, retail and food services companies to give employees their schedules two weeks in advance. Read more>>>