South Philly Voter Project

The South Philly Voter Project is a voter outreach initiative co-sponsored by State Rep Elizabeth Fiedler and State Senator Nikil Saval. Our goal for the 2022 General Election was to knock on the doors of over 30,000 voters in Wards 1, 2, and 39.

We exceeded that goal and knocked over 30,000 doors by hosting six canvassing shifts a week and recruiting over 200 volunteer canvassers. We also hosted two phone banks each week to recruit volunteers and sent over 40,000 text messages to voters. Our efforts resulted in record turnout for a midterm election in South Philly. Overall, voter turnout in the project area was 10 points higher than the city average.

Check out how the South Philly Voter Project helped turn out the vote in 2022

U.S. Senator John Fetterman launches canvass in South Philly with Elizabeth Fiedler and Nikil Saval

Committeepeople and volunteers deploy across Wards 1, 2, and 39 on Election Day to greet voters

Canvassers in South Philly don costumes & clipboards to turn out the vote at Halloween Canvass

Canvassers in South Philly get out the vote

Governor Josh Shapiro joins Elizabeth Fiedler and Nikil Saval to launch canvass in South Philly

Lt. Governor Austin Davis launches canvass in South Philly; meets with local small business owners

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