Contact person: Amanda McIllmurray media@elizabethfiedler.com

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Big news! Earlier today I accepted the formal endorsement of Joe Khan. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and is a former Democratic candidate for District Attorney. In endorsing me as the Democrat for State House in South Philadelphia’s 184th District, Joe said,

“She’ll be a strong voice for quality healthcare for all and great public schools in every neighborhood. She is the daughter of public school teachers who understands the importance of educating every child. And she’s a former journalist who has never been afraid to speak truth to power.”

In announcing his endorsement, Joe cited my commitment, compassion, and courage in mounting a grassroots challenge powered by people. He also ran for office because he heard the call to serve, and said he admires my decision to leave my career as a reporter.

Elizabeth Fiedler for House District 184

“Elizabeth, a working parent with a young family, left a career that she loved in order to mount a grassroots challenge.” He endorsed me as a true champion for progressive values and working people — calling for bold and dynamic change — and said that he is excited for me to continue a recent string of victories by women who ran for elected office, including incoming City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart. “We have much more work to do to reduce the gender inequities in our government.”

I am so honored to have Joe’s support. I’m excited by the coalition our campaign is building and am truly motivated by all of your support from across the district and the city. Together, we will put our fearless campaign for healthcare and education in the State House!

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Fiedler is a dedicated community leader, former Philadelphia reporter, and first-time candidate for office. She lives in South Philadelphia with her husband and two young sons. She worked as a waitress and a fast food cashier and is deeply committed to representing the values of people — not the super rich and special interests.