Meet Elizabeth

Proud to serve

Over the past 2 years in the Pennsylvania State House, Elizabeth has fought for a better, fairer Pennsylvania for everyone. She works every day to meet her neighbors’ needs, not those of the super-rich or corporate interests. Building relationships across the state, she’s made progress on education, an issue at the core of who Elizabeth is and where she comes from.

Before her successful run for State Representative, Elizabeth spent a decade as a reporter at the Philadelphia public radio station WHYY. Covering politics and community, she asked tough questions of people in power and talked with thousands of people across Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to get their stories on air.

But these voices weren’t being heard or acted on in Harrisburg.

And so, with a 3-month-old baby and another young son, Elizabeth decided to run for office to fight for policies and laws that directly affect her life and the health of her children.

Elizabeth grew up in rural Pennsylvania, the daughter of two union public school teachers who taught her the value of respect and fairness. She’s seen how people across the state feel forgotten and devalued by our political system. She gets it. And so she can talk across political divides and across rural/urban divides.

She can — and does — get things done for her neighbors in South Philadelphia while supporting the well-being of all Pennsylvanians. And this is just the beginning.

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Fighting for resources to help students, teachers and staff thrive

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Workers’ rights

Every worker deserves fair wages and predictable hours

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Climate & economy

Creating new jobs while advancing a greener world for us all

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