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Elizabeth’s work as a State Representative comes from her belief that every person should have quality healthcare so they can be as healthy as possible, a quality school in their neighborhood so their children can accomplish their goals and find a career, and safe and stable housing in their community. At the Capitol in Harrisburg, and at home in South Philly, Elizabeth works every day to serve her neighbors, not the super-rich or big corporations.

Elizabeth is the child of two union public school teachers who taught her firsthand about equality and about the power of a union. Elizabeth carried that vision with her when she announced, as the parent of a 3-month-old baby and a toddler, she was running a grassroots people-powered campaign for state House. She won and has served in the state House representing her South Philadelphia neighbors since 2019.

Before her successful run for State Representative, Elizabeth spent a decade as a reporter at WHYY, Philadelphia’s NPR station. She continues to use her reporting skills in her new role, including during her time as a member of the state house Appropriations Committee since her first year. She is dedicated to asking tough questions of people in power and amplifying the needs and voices of working people across her district and the state. She is proud to work arm in arm with many unions, marching by their side on the picket line and supporting workers’ rights to organize and to fight for safe working conditions, fair pay and benefits.

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Fighting for resources to help students, teachers and staff thrive

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Putting power in peoples’ hands

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Creating new jobs while advancing a greener world for us all

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