I am proud to serve as the State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 184th district. South Philadelphia is full of kind, hard working, generous people: many have lived here their entire lives and their extended family lives a few houses away, many others have moved here because the neighbors are welcoming and friendly. I’m proud to serve them all, and of what we’ve done together in my first term. I’m running for re-election in 2020 because our work is just getting started!

When I first ran for State Representative in 2018, I wanted to be part of creating the kind of world I want my two young children, and all children, to grow up in. That means a city and state where no one goes hungry, or without an affordable, safe place to call home. That means a fully funded public education available to every child in their neighborhood, and an economy that offers a well-paying job. That means a healthcare system that doesn’t just benefit big insurance and drug companies — but one where every person can go to the doctor when they are sick, and get the test and treatment they need to be as healthy as possible. I am fighting for a world where those rights to education, healthcare, housing and employment are available to everyone — regardless of their ethnicity, culture, language or how much money they have or don’t have.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, in a family and a community with diverse political views. Many people I know feel forgotten and devalued by our political system. I’ve focused my first term on fighting for the change we need, and working to build people’s faith in elected officials, and in their own power to accomplish the change they seek.

I won my first campaign by laying out big, bold ideas and goals. I am committed every day to working to accomplish them in ways small and large. I spend most of my time working in South Philadelphia, and a number of days each month in Harrisburg working on legislation and advocacy. In the Capitol, I refuse to sit quietly in the back of the room while others make decisions about our lives. I was elected to speak up, and I do so proudly.

I am a vocal leader on school funding and on getting mold and asbestos out of our schools, I fight for the rights of workers and unions, and I am working hard on making sure healthcare and housing are available to everyone. Our government should be committed to serving the people, not allowing corporations to keep making big profits off of us.