South Philadelphia community leaders endorse Elizabeth Fiedler for State Representative

Philadelphia, PA — Today, a dozen community leaders from across South Philadelphia threw their support behind Elizabeth Fiedler’s campaign for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 184th District. The impressive spectrum of leaders makes South Philadelphia better everyday through community-building and work in local schools and parks. Their backing of Fiedler reflects the candidate’s broad base of support across the district.

Kristin DiPasquo, from East Passyunk Crossing, said she is confident Fiedler will be ready to lead from day one. “She is a strong, smart, progressive and community-minded woman and is ready to work her butt off to best represent the interests of my family, our neighbors and our community.” Fellow community leader Leigh Goldenberg, from Passyunk Square, said Fiedler’s dedication to South Philadelphia is significant. “I’m proud of a fellow South Philly mom who is turning her frustrations with our political system, and her ideals for our community, into action.” Just one month since her official announcement, Fiedler’s campaign is off to a strong start with nearly 300 volunteers. Fiedler’s leadership was echoed by Sara Reckahn, a Passyunk Square resident, who said, “She cares about things that matter, and, as I’ve come to learn, she takes action on what she believes.” Tim Gibbon of Dickinson Narrows talked about his excitement to see Fiedler run for office, saying, “Elizabeth’s vision is better for all of us in South Philly. She’s dedicated to issues that really matter, like great schools and access to healthcare.”

In addition to focusing on fully-funding schools, Fiedler is committed to supporting the older adult population in Philadelphia. Kate Clark, from East Passyunk Crossing, said she is excited to work with Fiedler to ensure that our communities are “a great place to grow up and grow old. Our neighborhoods need leaders who understand why our city needs to be aging-friendly and what we need to do about it collaboratively.”

Thoai Nguyen, a Lower Moyamensing resident, said Fiedler’s stances on universal health care and public education resonate with him, as does the need to “transform our democratic process to level the playing field for working-class Philadelphians.” Nguyen said he is confident Fiedler “will bring much needed integrity and accessibility” to the seat and to her constituents in the 184th District. Nichole Girgenti, a community leader from East Passyunk Crossing, voiced her support and said that Fiedler’s platform aligns with her own family’s values about investing in the entire community.

Fiedler, who worked as a community and political reporter for WHYY, is running for office for the first time. Her fresh approach, and her dedication to pursuing policies that benefit working families and communities, appealed to many of the South Philadelphia leaders. Fiedler grew up in rural Pennsylvania and is dedicated to helping bridge the partisan divide and urban-rural divide. Community leader Andrew Stober, also from Passyunk Square, remarked on the growing enthusiasm for Fiedler’s campaign, “With signs appearing in row house windows and volunteers signing on in droves, you can see the excitement for Elizabeth’s candidacy across the District. When voters meet her they instantly recognize her passion for the community and know she will be the voice in Harrisburg the people of the 184th deserve.” While another Passyunk Square community leader, Todd Wolfson, said he supports Fiedler “because she comes out of the movement for a more just city.” Wolfson said he has faith that Fiedler will “boldly support the interests of working people throughout South Philadelphia.” Karenina Wolff, from Newbold, said Fiedler will fight for the rights of all families, regardless of their economic status or politics. “We all worry about our ability to provide for our families. I support Elizabeth Fiedler because she stands for what really matters to all people, no matter what: access to quality healthcare and their children’s education.”

The current political climate, including gridlock in Harrisburg, motivated Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg, of East Passyunk Crossing, to say he is grateful Fiedler is stepping up to take on this challenge. “In a time of much despair about the state of our nation, I am grateful for the chance to make change right here in our neighborhood. Elizabeth is the dynamic, progressive woman South Philly deserves, and Harrisburg needs. I look forward to helping her take on this challenge.” Lower Moyamensing resident Patti Tahan agreed, “I admire Elizabeth’s desire to serve the community, that she has put a career on hold to do so, that she is committed to the idea that ‘We have to be the change.’”

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