Healthcare for All of Us

Healthcare for All of Us
Healthcare is a human right and every person should have the care they need regardless of income. Yet in our current healthcare system, the right to go to a doctor and get medicine is treated as a privilege,available only if you can afford to pay. As patients, we must navigate an overly complicated web of doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, drug companies and public programs just to get the health maintenance and life-saving care we need. This is a moral outrage, and it is ridiculous and unnecessary. We already spend much, much more money on healthcare than any other developed nation. We need bold leadership to make Pennsylvania a national model of care that prioritizes our lives over the profits of big corporations.

As your representative, I will:

  • Support Medicare for All legislation to guarantee universal healthcare that eliminates copayments and deductibles and gives patients free choice of providers without pre-approvals.
  • Support Medicaid expansion, funding for CHIP, and other short-term measures to expand coverage.
  • Protect a woman’s power to make her own choices about her health and her body.
  • Champion programs like the Integrated Community Health Choices program that help older adults and people with disabilities continue to live in their homes..